Is your bachelorette party coming to town and looking for a Nashville male revue or male stripper? Your bestie is getting hitched, so you want her to have a great time and get some attention from good-looking men who show some skin. You may even want nudity for your bride’s last fling before the ring.

With so much riding on the decision, you want to pick the right option for your party. How do you know which is best for your bride? Let’s start with the basics.

What is a male revue?

Typically, male revues are a collection of 3 or more men who strip down to their underwear, or less, while performing choreographed group and individual routines. That’s what the movie Magic Mike was all about – a traveling male revue show. In a typical revue, the men perform together on stage, then individually on stage, then privately for patrons who pay and tip extra.

As of the time of this writing, the closest thing Nashville has to a male revue is a burlesque show that claims to be a male revue, except the guys only take off their shirts and that’s it. No nudity or even G-strings. And they don’t do private dances. And they don’t interact with your bride or your group.

Essentially, they aren’t a male revue at all, at least not like the Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under that you may have seen in Vegas. It’s partially due to the laws in Nashville which we’ll get to later.

How is a male stripper different?

A male stripper is an individual performer (or multiple performers is you hire more than one) who travels to your home or hotel and performs his routine solo. They usually bring their own music and speaker, and possibly a light for a light show to set the mood.

Because it’s a private event not open to the public, male strippers can remove as much or as little as you want them to. Male strippers are there to show the bride and your guests a great time. They don’t have laws governing how close they can be or how much clothing they must wear. Their focus is you and your entertainment.

What makes hiring a male stripper a better option than going to a male revue near me?

There are quite a few reasons why a male stripper is superior to an all-male revue. Unless you have experienced both and had a professional male stripper like those at Music City Male Strippers, you might not realize the difference. This can end up causing a big letdown for your bride and your guests.

Here are the top 8 reasons why hiring a male stripper is a better option than attending a male revue.

nashville bachelorette -male revue vs male strippers nashville

1) Male Strippers Are Less Expensive

People see the initial cost of a male stripper and think it’s expensive. However, when you look at the cost of a male revue in Nashville, TN, and do the math, you’ll realize that a male stripper who travels to your party of 10 is about half to a third of the cost of your group traveling to a male revue.

If you include the tips and performance fees, a Music City Male Stripper costs between $269 to $369 depending on the length of the performance. Let’s say that you are choosing the longer option which runs about an hour, the same as the male revue in Nashville. For 10 girls, that will run you $369. If you go to the revue, and sit in the back of the room, your cost is $465. If you want to sit near the stage, you’ll be out $615. Plus, the Uber. Plus, the overpriced drinks. At this point you are in the hole about $800. Some places offer a reserved table with beverages for 8 people for $800 plus tax, plus tips, plus Uber. Have ten girls and you are well over a grand.

If you go to a male revue outside Nashville that allows private dances, private booths, champagne service, couch dances, lap dances, tipping or more, or you want more than one drink, add another $50 – $200 per person.

Your male revue that seemed cheaper at $45 each, is now costing you over a grand in total, more than $100 per person. That’s nearly three times the cost of a private male stripper at your home and you aren’t even close the performers. Don’t be fooled by the initial low price of a male revue. It will cost you more in the end.

2) A More Personal Experience

Let’s be honest, having a half-naked, or fully naked guy you don’t know, up close and personal has the potential to be uncomfortable. But with a Nashville male stripper in your home, you get to talk to the performer, get to know them and their personality, ask them questions and chat before they ever arrive. Plus you are experiencing the show with friends and family. It makes the whole thing far less awkward.

And if your bride, or the girls, want a personal lap dance, want to touch a performer’s broad shoulders or washboard abs, or want to smack the stripper’s butt, they can, in the privacy of your Airbnb or hotel. That’s not the case at a male revue in Nashville. Pursuant to Nashville Metropolitan codes 6.54.010 – 6.54.150, performers may not be closer than 3 feet and must be on a stage elevated at least 18”. That means no touching, or even getting close to a performer at a bar, club or revue. Not exactly the sendoff you want for your bride. It’s the reason there is no full-time male strip club in Nashville.

If you want a personal, private experience, a male stripper is the better option.

3) Full Nudity Is an Option

There is no nudity allowed at a Nashville male revue, or at a female strip club in Nashville for that matter, per the Metro code mentioned earlier. So if your group wants to see the full monty, your only option is to hire a Nashville male stripper to come to you.

And if you don’t want nudity, that’s cool too. Just let your performer know before the performance. That’s another aspect where a male revue falls short, and that’s…

4)The Performance Is Tailored to You

When you hire a Music City Male Stripper, you get to choose a performer that’s right for your group. Want someone funny, who gets the group laughing hysterically while he strips? You can get that. Want a hardcore Nashville male stripper who does full nudity and is happy to dole out plenty of “Vitamin D”? You can get that too, and everything in between.

On top of the look and style of the male stripper, you also get to select the costume your performer wears. And if you have specific girls who don’t want attention, or who want extra attention, you can talk to your stripper about that and get exactly what your group needs. You aren’t at the mercy of an overbearing or worse yet, over-boring performer at a revue who doesn’t care about the individual needs of your bride and group.

5) On Your Schedule, Not Theirs

A great advantage of hiring a male stripper to come to your Airbnb or hotel is that you schedule him when it’s best for your group of girls.

Let’s face it, your time is important. Most parties jam as many activities into their bachelorette weekend as they can. Being able to schedule your male stripper when it’s best for your group reduces stress and enables you to do more activities with the bride. More activities mean more fun and a happier bride.

6) Comforts of Home

Besides not having to load up and pay for a dozen girls in 3 different Ubers, you get the comforts of the performer being on your turf. If you want to get up to get a drink, you know where it is. And it is free. If you want to grab something from your room, you can. If you want to use the powder room, you can, and you know where it is, and you know the condition it is in. No disgusting bathrooms to navigate. The living room is comfortable and relaxing. It makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

Plus, there isn’t a total stranger sitting elbow-to-elbow with you. You aren’t being grossed out by some woman you don’t know, inches from you, getting overly “handsy” with a performer. Or a woman old enough to be your grandma getting off on a guy young enough to be her grandson.

A male stripper in your home is simply a better overall experience than being in an unfriendly, unwelcoming basement bar with people you don’t know. Unless you like watching Grandma get her groove on.

7) Fun for Everyone

At a male revue, there are a handful of guys and lots of brides, bachelorettes, divorcees, birthday girls, and girls who simply want a night out. It’s not likely that your bride will get any personal attention. In fact, the website for the “male revue” in Nashville straight up tells you she won’t get any attention. Neither will any of the girls in your group. So they are each spending $45 – $100+ to see a guy with only his shirt off from 30 feet away. That’s not what most parties think is fun.

When you hire a male stripper in Nashville, your bride gets as much attention as she wants and so do each of your girls. If you want the bride to get a lap dance, or at least have some personal attention to make her feel special, a male stripper in your home or hotel is the only way to go. Some bachelorettes in your party may also want a little “me” time with the male stripper, even if it’s just to get some deep, intimate eye contact.

Of course, some in your group might not want any attention at all, which your stripper knows because he is reading the room, or because you told him before the party. That’s not possible at a revue.

Either way, with a male stripper who comes to your house, you are covered. Those who want time get time. Those who don’t, don’t. At a male revue, getting time isn’t an option unless you spend $20 – $200 more per person. Heck, in Nashville, getting a dance from the male stripper isn’t even an option due to the city regulations.

8) Real Pictures of The Male Strippers

As is common in the industry, most revues use pictures in their marketing that show the most gorgeous guys you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, the guys actually performing at the revue are usually not the guys in the marketing photos.

This is not unique to male revues though. It is how most companies in the male stripper space operate, including nearly all male stripper sites. We call those companies scams and it’s why Music City Male Strippers was started.

Music City Male Strippers is different. The performer you see and read about in their profile is the performer who is showing up for your party. No bait and switch. No let down. You get the guy you pick which means you can relax knowing the guy you chose for your bride’s last ride is the guy who will show up to entertain your party. The bride’s happy. The bachelorettes are happy. You are happy.

Bottom Line

Your bride only gets one last rodeo before it’s “same penis forever”. Give her some personal time with a real male stripper who has your party’s best interests at heart. She’ll be more relaxed and have a more enjoyable experience, as will everyone in your group. Plus, you’ll save money and have more time to do other important things…like ride a mechanical bull. 🙂