Jesse Has A Smile That Bachelorette Parties Love

Humble Beginnings

Music City Male Strippers first began when Robert, a male stripper who was tired of working for the scam websites, decided to start his own website to promote himself in an honest and legitimate way. Robert slowly made his way up the Google search rankings and was able to perform for more and more bachelorette and birthday parties in Nashville. A chance introduction to another male stripper, Jesse, who was also fed up with the lies and deceit by the other companies, changed Robert’s focus and helped start the climb of Music City Male Strippers to become the top-rated male stripper company that it is today.

How Most Stripper Sites Are A Scam

Robert enjoyed performing for parties but hated working for the other companies because of how they went about booking him. It was a total scam. As is the case with many Nashville male strippers, and essentially most strippers across the country, Robert worked for pretty much every website that booked male strippers in Nashville, none of which were actually based in Nashville, or even Tennessee for that matter.

Yet his picture was never on any of the sites. So how would he get booked? Essentially, when someone would select a “white-ish” stripper from one of the scam pictures, he would get a text letting him know that a party was needing a male stripper. The same text was sent by computer to every “white-ish” stripper in the greater Nashville area.

If he was the first person to respond to the text, he would get the gig. It didn’t matter that the party had selected a 6-foot 5-inch blonde dreamboat or a muscled-up Latino with jet-black hair, Robert was what they were getting simply because he was first to respond to the text.

It’s Awkward

By his own admission, Robert was a decent performer with so-so looks who got good reviews for his performance skills, but he was far from a blonde dreamboat and definitely wasn’t Latino. Yet that’s exactly what the parties were expecting because they were “guaranteed” to get the male stripper they selected from the seemingly endless array of pictures on the website they happened upon.

As every male stripper who works for one of the national websites can attest, Robert would knock on the door of the party and there would be this moment of awkwardness when he knew he wasn’t the person in the picture, and the party was pretty sure he wasn’t the guy they booked, yet he was there and the party was ready, so they would always let him in.

There’s an uneasy, uncomfortable tension during the entire performance because the strippers know they aren’t the person in the photo, and the person or people who booked him, sometimes everyone including the bride, know he isn’t the stripper they selected. At some parties, the bride is the person who chose the stripper. It’s the one and only time they are ever going to get a private male stripper and they have a particular look they want.

Or perhaps they saw a video and want a particular trick, game or move that stripper does in the video. But Robert isn’t the stripper in the video. He doesn’t know that guy’s tricks. He doesn’t look like that guy. The girls are not happy. Robert’s not happy. Yet he plods through his routine, doing his best to make the best of an awful situation and bring joy to the ladies’ faces because that’s why he keeps doing it, to make women happy. That, and the money.

Disappointment And Frustration Leads To New Beginnings

Just like most strippers, he went through this week after week, disappointed party after disappointed party. No matter how much they say they enjoyed his performance, no matter how much fun they had, he still had a pit in his stomach knowing that he was part of a scam, that he had unintentionally lied to them. He hated it. So he started his own site called Sensual Stripper.

Slowly Robert got more and more performances booked through his site. He had real pictures of himself on the site and it was a completely different experience at his performances. Everyone was happy. The atmosphere was fun and joyful. There was no negative energy in the room like his bookings from the fraudulent companies.

He started enjoying performing the way he had always hoped. He started hating the performances booked through the other sites. The energy was night and day different. He started taking fewer and fewer bookings from the other sites and eventually took a leap of faith and stopped performing for the other companies altogether. He felt as though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

The plan was for him to be the only Nashville male stripper on the site. He named it Sensual Stripper, not Sensual Strippers for a reason. He wasn’t against having other guys on the site, it just never occurred to him that someday there might be other male strippers who would want to work for an honest company and have their legitimate pictures on the site. Then one day he met Nashville male stripper Jesse.

Those Darn Jersey Girls

Robert’s sister Sara had come down from New Jersey with a dozen girlfriends for a bachelorette party. The girls decided it would be too weird to see Robert perform since most of them knew him, so they used another company. They picked a tall, Adonis-type guy from the hundreds of pics on the site.

When they opened the door, Jesse was the guy standing there. He was a good-looking guy with a great smile but he wasn’t the guy they selected. Everyone was ready for the stripper and the bride was blindfolded and ready to go, so they let him in hoping for the best. Jesse was personable and charming. He chit chatted for a bit to calm down the bride since she was nervous, as are most. When Jesse started performing, he was entertaining in a way that the strippers Sara had seen before weren’t, including Robert whom she had seen perform at a restaurant a few years earlier.

Jesse seemed to connect with everyone in the room almost as if he knew everyone, which is ironic since that’s the very reason they didn’t hire Robert. He did some unique things that were fun yet not sexual or creepy in the way that some strippers can be. At the end the girls clapped and cheered as if they had watched a toned-down Cirque performance, as opposed to a male stripper.

Sara texted her brother that night telling him about Jesse. Robert was kind of put off by it at first. Why would she call to tell him some other stripper was better and more entertaining than him? Then Sara cleared things up, “You need to bring him on board so the two of you can make more money.” Robert liked the idea of that. So he called Jesse and the rest, as they say, is history. Jesse worked for Sensual Stripper, along with all the other companies, for the remainder of that performing season.

Robert and Jesse talked about the future and Jesse brought up the idea that he would like to be exclusive with Sensual Stripper. The idea made Robert a bit nervous. He wasn’t sure that he liked being the sole provider of Jesse’s performances, and ultimately, his income.

But Jesse insisted; the atmosphere at the Sensual Stripper parties was better, he was happier, the girls were happier and he looked forward to performing for Robert’s customers, as opposed to the other companies’ parties which he dreaded. Robert mulled it over and agreed. Jesse became exclusive to Sensual Stripper and has never looked back.

Stand Back, I Don’t Know How Big This Thing’ll Get!

As Sensual Stripper booked more and more performances, word spread. Robert added another male stripper, then another, then another. He has had to let a few go over the years due to poor performance, but he has had a core group that consistently get great reviews year after year. Eventually Robert stopped performing so he could concentrate on the business and getting his guys more performances. “I was making more money just booking Jesse than I ever did stripping on my own.

Ending my stripping career to take care of Jesse and the Nashville Male Strippers rest of my guys just seemed the smart thing to do. Plus I could finally eat what I wanted without worrying about how I looked everyday and I could actually have a life on the weekends.”

Ultimately Robert made the decision to change the name to Music City Male Strippers to better reflect the new vision of the company and the location. The driving philosophy behind the company has never changed – deliver the best for brides and provide parties with honest information about great strippers who love to entertain.

It has served MCMS well and has helped them to grow year after year into the highest rated and most booked male-stripper company in Nashville, despite not using trickery or deceit on their website. “We lose money and bookings to the scam companies but I refuse to go that route,” says Robert. “The parties appreciate it, my guys appreciate it and everyone is happier.” In a town like Nashville, were everyone seems to be perpetually happy, it seems like the only way to go.