Zane Pole DancingAre you and your girlfriends looking for a male strip club in Nashville, the kind where women go to see men? Look no further. Why? Because they don’t exist. Seriously, they don’t exist, at least not here in Nashville. There are a handful of female strip clubs, and even they are dwindling, but Nashville doesn’t have a single male strip club where ladies can go to have fun and watch good-looking men take off their clothes.

So what are your options if you want to have a stripper for your bachelorette or birthday party in Nashville? The only option, and it’s a good one, is to have a male stripper come to your party. That’s what we do here at Music City Male Strippers. We are located right here in Nashville and have every professional male stripper in town. You can select the specific one you want and that performer will entertain your bride and party in the comfort of your home or hotel room. Unlike all the scam companies, you actually get the performer you select because we only post pictures of legitimate, professional male strippers in Nashville, not dozens of bait-and-switch performer photos who have never set foot in this town.

“But I heard there is a male strip club in Nashville.” Once upon a time, there was a male strip joint in Nashville called Arrow. Unfortunately for the ladies, it closed in 2010. Since then, none have replaced it due to the strict regulations imposed by the city. If you are a lady in Nashville and want to see male strippers take off their clothes, hiring a male stripper (like the great ones here at Music City Male Strippers) is your only option.

Same goes for gay men looking to see hot male strippers. While there are a few gay bars in Nashville, and a great dance club called Play geared toward the gay crowd (open to men and women; be sure to catch one of their drag shows…they have some great entertainers), the only option is to hire a stripper to come to you. Most male stripper companies around the country don’t even have male strippers who strip for gay men. In fact, many male strippers won’t even perform for a room full of gorgeous women if there are one or two gay men in the room. Music City Male Strippers has at least one male stripper who dances for gay men and most are cool with gay men at the party, they just won’t dance intimately for them. To see which ones do what with whom, check out their profiles.

So if you are looking to hit a male strip club in Nashville to “make it rain”, you are out of luck. But if you want a great male stripper to come to you, you’ve got plenty of options here at Music City Male Strippers.