RC and Jesse have done it again! Both appeared on the Season 2 finale of The Bradshaw Bunch on E! As usual Jesse made things funny while RC was his usual sexy self, teasing while making it fun.

This is a combined 6th time these two amazing male strippers have appeared on reality TV stripping for Nashville bachelorette parties, birthdays and family gatherings like The Bradshaw Bunch.

Music City Male Strippers is the only Nashville stripper service to appear on any TV show and they’ve done it eight times. Even our adorable, hilarious and raunchy T-Sex has been on TV! Plus, if you count Jimmy Fallon talking about Jesse for a whole segment, that makes nine TV appearances!

Why do TV producers love Music City Male Strippers? Why is Music City Male Strippers the only company to appear on TV in Nashville, Tennessee? There are three reasons.

You Get the Male Stripper You Choose

One reason is that MCMS is the ONLY company in Nashville that sends the guy you choose. That is not the case for the other companies, not only in Nashville, but across the country. It’s an industry secret that most sites post pics of strippers but then send whoever is available, regardless of whom you pick. Many times the people on the site don’t even work for the company.

The companies have a “guarantee” but they know that everyone is waiting for the stripper to perform. No one wants to ruin the party by telling the stripper to go home even if he’s not at all what they wanted. As a result, people let whoever shows up perform. Even though party hosts think they are doing the right thing, it ultimately makes everyone uncomfortable and kills the vibe of the party.

Music City Male Strippers is completely different. You get EXACTLY the male stripper you select. Each of our performers has a different style and look so it’s important to select one that is perfect for your group. The personality and performance style is more important than looks. That’s why we post detailed info about each guy. It’s just one of the many reasons we have over 500 5-star reviews across all social media platforms.

Best Male Strippers for Private Parties

The second reason TV shows pick us is that our guys are the best in the industry. Their personalities are suited for working private parties which is completely different from a Music City male revue. Our male strippers know the performance is about the bride and guests, not about them. They make sure the bride or birthday girl has fun and feels comfortable. That sets them apart from the strippers at other companies and definitely at male revues where the guys are all about themselves.

TV Producers Like How Easy It Is

The third reason TV shows like The Bradshaw Bunch choose Music City Male Strippers is that the booking process is easy and personalized. You are communicating with an actual human who can answer questions about the male strippers or Nashville itself. Robert or Bethany will explain how everything works when you book. This includes when the male stripper will contact you (first contact is typically the day you book) to how tipping and payment works. They make the process easy and simple.

Bottom Line – Our Male Strippers Care

These are just a few of the reasons TV shows choose us and why you should too. MCMS and our male strippers care about you, your bride and your guests. If you want an experience that you can fondly recall for the rest of your life, you need a Music City Male Stripper!

Music City Male Strippers come to you at your Nashville area party. MCMS is not affiliated with any other company or male revue. If you want the best and most personable male strippers in the industry, and you want to choose the exact male stripper for your bride, you want Music City Male Strippers.