He’s Fun, Raunchy, and Inflatable…He’s T-Sex!

Bride Squeezing T-Sex

T-Sex Quick Facts

  • Raunchy, Hysterically Funny, Brides Cry Laughing
  • Allows Pictures/Video During Performance? Yes
  • Arrives in Costume, Leaves in Costume (Does Not Strip)
  • Provides Music and Speaker
  • Tip Not Required, But Appreciated
  • Performs for Men? Yes. T-Sex Is Androgenous

Want to tease your bride with the fun of a stripper without worrying what the fiancé, family or friends might think? Send T-Sex!

Want everyone to laugh until they cry? Send T-Sex!

T-Sex performs for one song, shaking his moneymaker, windmilling his “tail”, gyrating like a hardcore stripper and doing simulated “T-Sex” acts like only a dinosaur with a 10″…….arm can. 😉

He’ll stay for pics and then he’s gone, leaving your bride and guests to ask, “WTF was that?!” It’s hilarious and ridiculous in a way you’ll never experience again.

Give your bride some ‘D’ in the face…Dinosaur that is…and she’ll never forget it!

***T-Sex does not strip out of the costume. T-Sex arrives in costume and leaves in costume.***

SAVE $69 by adding T-Sex when you reserve another one of our amazing Nashville male strippers. Trick the bride with T-Sex then have a real stripper come in as Airbnb Owner, upset about a dinosaur in their house, for a double whammy of fun!