If you are headed to Nashville for your bride’s “Last Fling Before The Ring”, you want to make sure she has a great time. Nashville is an amazing city with a lot to do, so your bachelorette party is virtually guaranteed to have a blast here. If you are thinking of adding additional fun to the party by hiring a Nashville male stripper, there are a lot of details to consider. Here are our top tips to help you make the best choices so you have an amazing time with your male stripper.

Hire A Nashville Male Stripper Who Is Right For Your Party

Each of our Nashville male strippers has a different personality, look and performance style. We provide a profile for each so that you can read about their personality and performance style to help you select the perfect one for your unique group. While all of our performers adjust their performances to best meet the specific needs of each party, their overall personalities, styles and experience levels are different.

If you want a wild and crazy party guy, choose a performer with those qualities. If you want someone conservative, witty and entertaining, choose a Nashville male stripper with those qualities. Personally I believe that looks should be secondary to choosing a performer whose personality and performance style fits your group. There are a few exceptions of course, but for the most part, parties want to have fun, so choose a male stripper who matches your group’s personality or desired outcome so everyone has a blast. No one is likely to remember how hot the guy looked. What they will remember is how much fun they had, how nice he was, how professional, etc.

Don’t Get The Bride Too Drunk

Many parties like to pregame and have the bride loosened up via alcoholic beverages. Whether that is needed or not is up to you. You definitely don’t want your bride too drunk though. If she’s very tipsy, it may cut down on the various things your male stripper wants to do with her during his show. Our guys care a lot about their brides and parties and won’t risk something bad happening. As a result, they will end up having to skip a game or gag entirely, or they may be forced to select someone else. You want your bride to have the most fun possible, so try to make sure she’s not too intoxicated when your Music City Male Stripper arrives so she has an awesome time she’ll actually remember.

Schedule The Performance For Before You Go Out, Not After

I highly recommend that you schedule your male stripper BEFORE you go out for the night if possible. We have seen time and time again that performances scheduled AFTER a bachelorette party has been out on the town end up not having as much fun. Many times the bride or bachelorettes are tired, passed out, vomiting or too drunk to enjoy or participate in the performance. Sometimes everyone just wants to go to bed. None of these situations are conducive to the amazing fun that our professional male strippers can provide.

Another issue is that it’s tough to get everyone wrangled up and back to the house/hotel in time for the performer because it’s Nashville and everyone will be having fun. This often causes the party to start late or change times which may cut down on the length of the performance.

My recommendation is to have your Music City Male Stripper perform before you go out for the evening unless you absolutely know your group will want to be back at a reasonable time and will be somewhat sober. That is true of very few groups in Nashville…the town is just that much fun.

Choose A Time When Everyone Will Be Awake And Lively

Try to schedule your party for a time when everyone will be awake and ready to have fun. If your group is tired from traveling, spending the day in the sun or hungover from the night before, they may not be as lively as you had hoped. Try to plan your Music City Male Stripper for a day and time when everyone will be awake and ready to have some fun.

If You Want Nudity, Make Sure Your Male Stripper Performs Nude

If you want full nudity, be sure to select a Music City male stripper who does that. Not all of them do. I personally think FULL nudity should be avoided unless the bride, or all the girls at the performance, want it. Full nudity may ruin the party for some of the girls in attendance. It may come as a shock to some of you, but not everyone wants to see a stranger’s penis up close and personal. A good option is to have the girls who want it, take a peek, instead of having your Music City Male Stripper go Full Monty. That’s a good hybrid option that lets those who want to see ‘The Big P’ do so but doesn’t freak out those who don’t.

If you are on the fence, let your performer know. He will see how things go and if it seems appropriate, he may go that route. If your bride isn’t into seeing his junk up close, don’t force it on her. It’s weird and makes the performer VERY uncomfortable. Our guys are very respectful of the women at their parties and don’t like to be put in that situation. Regardless of what you choose, if your performer doesn’t feel it makes sense, he may not ‘unleash the beast’.

Use A Reputable Company

We hear from a lot of parties who previously got scammed by a site showing dozens of super-hot male strippers, that turned out to be bait-and-switch pictures. The guy who showed up to perform wasn’t the guy they selected and didn’t even resemble what they wanted. Unfortunately, this industry is riddled with companies like that, who know you aren’t going to turn the guy away because you’ve planned your evening around the entertainment. These scammy companies are the very reason I started Music City Male Strippers. You can can read about that here.

So how do you find out if the company is reputable among the seemingly endless array of choices you find on an internet search? One easy way is to search Yelp and Google Maps to see if they have reviews. No reviews is a major red flag, especially if they say they have dozens of super-hot performers. If they are so good and so hot, why doesn’t anyone review them? You can also check the review or testimonial page on their website. Do they have lots of reviews from a variety of customers? Can you see the reviews for each individual performer? If not, that’s another red flag.

Next read the profiles of each performer. Wait, there are no profiles, only overly-perfect, super-hot pictures? That’s a little fishy. Would you buy a car without knowing anything about it? Of course not. If a guy on an internet dating site had a profile with unbelievable pics and but didn’t write anything in his profile, would you be skeptical? You should be. The same can be said for male strippers. How are you supposed to choose the right guy for your party if you know nothing about them or their performing style?

Another way to check for quality, legitimacy and the reality of how your performer looks when he isn’t photoshopped or dieting for his pictures, is to look at the pictures of him with customers. Are the brides and bachelorettes happy? Are they having fun? If there aren’t pictures with happy customers, you might want to be skeptical. In fact, you might want to ask the company to send you bachelorette party pictures of the male strippers you want to book. If they don’t have several pics of your desired male stripper with parties, it’s likely a scam. Our parties send us pics because they have so much fun they want to thank us.

You can also check to see if the company is reputable by searching the name along with the word ‘scam’. You will likely find lots of posts about how the stripper who showed up to the person’s party wasn’t who they selected, was a bad performer, was unattractive/smelly/dirty/poorly groomed, never showed up, canceled at the last minute, etc. It’ll blow your mind. Keep in mind that some companies have multiple websites, yet they are all part of the same company.

One other way to check to see if it’s a bait-and-switch scam is by searching for male strippers in other major cities around the country. Check out the websites of the same companies you checked in Nashville and see if you notice some of the same pictures. If you do, it’s a scam. The pics are just bait-and-switch. Those guys don’t perform in that city, or your city, or possibly any city for that matter.

There you have it. If you follow these guidelines you are on your way to hiring the right performer for your party who will provide entertainment you will remember fondly for years.

If you have questions about any of these tips, give us a call, drop us a text or shoot us a message through our contact page. We want to make sure you get the right performer for your bride and party.