You are having a Nashville bachelorette party. Your girlfriends are all excited for the bride-to-be and the chance to let loose for a weekend. Everything is planned except one thing…the male stripper. You and the girls are on the fence. Is it worth the cost? Will the bachelorette enjoy it? Are there good male strippers in Nashville? Where do you find Nashville Male Strippers. There is a lot to consider. Hopefully this article will help you out.

Some parties get a Nashville male stripper because it is a right of passage type of thing or because they think they are supposed to get one. Many parties get one because a male stripper adds to the excitement of the night and can flat out be fun if the stripper has a good personality and the girls approach it with the right attitude. Let’s explore each of these ideas.

You are supposed to have a male stripper at your bachelorette party, right? Maybe. Is it a common practice to have one at the last fling before the ring? Yes. However, to me, that isn’t a good enough reason. Listen, I make my living dancing at Nashville bachelorette parties so the more parties, the better. The problem is that I think some parties should save their money. You heard right. I said some parties shouldn’t get a hot, fun Nashville male stripper. Sure, I may be taking money out of my own pocket, but I’m being honest. Here’s why some parties shouldn’t get a male stripper…the girls aren’t into it. Sure, there’s bound to be one or two girls at each party who may not be comfortable with the idea of a male stripper. Perhaps they don’t want to deal with the mixed emotions they would feel from getting turned on by a smart, fun guy with a nice body when they have a man they care about at home. For many, that is actually a positive…what happens in NashVegas stays here. They realize it is just a dance, they enjoy the fantasy of it, and they embrace it. For those who don’t think that way, that’s fine. But if 90 percent of the girls at your party have the “strippers are icky” attitude, or even 40 percent for that matter, I say save your money. It won’t be fun for the girls and it will be absolutely dreadful for the stripper. We pride ourselves on making everyone happy and livening up the party. If we aren’t able to do it, through no fault of our own, it sucks out our soul. Yes, some of us care that much that you and your girlfriends have a great time. So if the majority of the girls aren’t going to be into it, I say save your money. Or if you still insist on a stripper, do a mini-strip or strippergram. They generally cost less and are quick and painless. I come in, strip for the bachelorette, maybe play a game or pose for pics, and I’m out. I don’t generally do individual dances for anyone else at the party because there isn’t time. You get to embarrass the bachelorette, she gets her right of passage, and you save time and money.

Now if you and your friends will enjoy having a Nashville male stripper, then go for it! How often do you get to be in charge of a half-naked guy with a nice body? When else will you get to be teased and tantalized by a guy with washboard abs? Exactly, so live it up! It’s all for fun. What happens there stays there. It isn’t serious, it’s a show, so enjoy it. But if you are the type that enjoys the fun of a male stripper and his ability to get everyone amped up right before you head out on the town, I don’t need to explain it. You get it. 🙂