Jesse With Girl In AirMusic City Male Strippers gets a lot of last minute calls from girls having bachelorette parties here in Nashville. Sometimes the reason is that the stripper they ordered from an out-of-town site (one of the ones showing loads of fake photos) never showed up. Other times it’s because he did show up but he wasn’t the guy they chose plus he was ugly/fat/creepy/old/smelly (trust me, I’ve heard it all) so they turned him away. (Didn’t know you could turn them away and not get charged? You can. Turn him away at the door if he isn’t what you wanted, which he won’t be since his picture isn’t even on their site.) Sometimes someone dropped the ball and simply forgot to order a male stripper. Other times, the weather or their plans changed and they simply wanted a male stripper so they could have even more fun at their party.

Whatever the reason, me or one of the other awesome Music City Male Strippers can save your party. Last minute parties are absolutely no problem. We do everything we can to help you out. We feel bad that you got shafted by another company, so we bust our butts to make it happen for you.

I just performed at a party last weekend who called last minute because they decided spur of the moment that they really wanted to surprise the bachelorette. I was able to fit it in between other performances so I rushed over and knocked their socks off. They were happy, I was happy. It was a win for everyone.

Regardless of the reason for needing a last minute stripper, it’s likely that Happy Birthday Party With Jesseone of the guys at Sensual Stripper can help. We do everything we can to get to your party so that you can have a great time. Sensual Stripper is the only male stripper service located in Nashville, because of that, we are the only service that can get you a stripper last minute. The other companies need 5 or more hours to book someone because they aren’t located in Nashville. We are a caring, local company that will bend over backwards (and forwards and maybe even upside down like my Upside-Down Banana Split) to make your party a blast. Often times we can be there in minutes because we are already in town performing.

So if you need a last minute male stripper in Nashville, text and/or call Robert or Bethany at 615-696-9386. Robert, Bethany and all the guys here will do everything they can to help you out.