I get asked about this from time to time. Some girls want their male stripper to go full monty. Many don’t. I’ve stripped in 4 different states and countless cities and it’s only Nashville that I get it requested very often. Many of the SensualStripper.com strippers do bare it all and I highly recommend them if you want the full Monty. I’ve personally chosen not to.

While it is likely that most of what happens at your Nashville bachelorette party will stay there, some things are bound to leak. One girlfriend is going to spill the beans to their probing boyfriend or husband who is supposed to not tell anyone else…but we all know how that goes.

A jealous husband or boyfriend isn’t likely to have an issue with a male stripper who wears “boy shorts.” However some men may have an issue, or at least a lot of questions, about a male stripper in a g-string. A Nashville male stripper who is nude may open the flood gates of questions and issues.

Another thing to consider is friends, family, co-workers and employers. Someone is likely to learn something, and then everyone will know it. Plus, if you are taking pictures, which I allow, you don’t want to have to worry about one getting on Facebook or getting emailed to someone who then shares it with someone they shouldn’t, thinking that they won’t say anything. Guess what, they will. Once the cat is out of the bag, there is no putting it back.

Besides that, some women simply don’t want some random dude’s junk in their face, and I don’t blame them. Even the Chippendales revues in Vegas know to not show their goodies. It doesn’t make the show better and only has potential negatives. I’ve seen it happen where one girl convinces the others to get the male stripper to go “all out,” but then once they do, no one wants the stripper near them, which kills the mood of the party. They don’t think it through. They want so see the male stripper nude, but they want him in the middle of the room away from them. So he can do what…dry hump the air? Do cartwheels? It’s a small hotel room with no props. It just doesn’t work. My experience has been that for every girl who actually wants to see the male stripper nude, there are ten at the party who don’t. Why ruin it for 90% of the girls?

To me going nude simply doesn’t make sense, so I don’t do it. I’d rather leave something to the imagination and have a couple girls wanting more. That way no one has to worry about pictures or what is said when everyone gets back home. Overall it makes for a far better bachelorette party, and that is ultimately the point, isn’t it?

Of course, this is just my opinion based on my experience. To each their own. If you want your party wild, check out the bios of the other strippers and hire one who goes all the way. In the end, you deserve to get what you want.