Preachers’ Daughters Asks Me To Perform

Jesse here. Looking for a male stripper in Nashville? So was a producer of a Lifetime reality series being filmed here in Nashville recently. According to the producer of Preachers Daughters, she did a search and thought “wasn’t creepy” like the other sites who offer male strippers. If you’ve searched for Nashville male strippers, you likely understand what she meant. I took it as a huge compliment because I do some of the work on the website and always strive to have a professional presentation that is informative and easy to navigate.

When You Book Me, You Get Me

The producer said she chose me as the stripper for the show due to my reputation and reviews and because she knew I was the actual male stripper who was going to show up for the party. The other male stripper sites couldn’t guarantee who was going to show up nor would they let her talk to any of the strippers in advance. She wanted to be able to talk to the stripper she was hiring and see what he looked like. This party had a little more riding on it than your usual bachelorette party. Plus there was additional information that needed to be discussed due to it being filmed for TV. As always, I was available to talk to her. I actually prefer talking to clients in advance in case there is something extra I can do to make the event even more special.

The Pictures Aren’t Legit

There’s a reason the other sites don’t let customers talk to the stripper assigned to their party. How do I know the reason? Because I used to get hired by the other companies from time to time. The reason they won’t let customers talk to the stripper assigned to their party is because the customer might cancel when they realize they aren’t getting the performer they chose. Why does this happen? Because the guys in the pictures you see on these sites don’t actually perform in Nashville. It’s just bait-and-switch marketing using incredibly hot guys to get you to order from them. In fact, if you look at the companies that have websites for various cities around the country, you’ll notice the same pictures over and over. Chances are the stripper you get doesn’t even have pictures on the site at all. I personally didn’t have pictures on the other sites that hired me because I didn’t trust them with the pictures. I didn’t like the scam they were pulling which is why I finally stopped working for them. It simply wasn’t worth the money to me.

Many Thanks To The Crew

As for the producers and film crew of the show, they were great! Everyone treated me with respect and professionalism. The taping did not go as I expected, or possibly how anyone expected, however that is part of reality TV I guess. I enjoyed working with everyone and would gladly do it again.