Zane On A Bear Rug For Gay PArties Needing A Nashville Male Stripper

Robert informed me that Music City Male Strippers has been getting more and more requests for male strippers to perform for gay men at parties in Nashville so I thought I’d write a post about it. Some of the male strippers at strip for gay men, some don’t. Most of the guys, myself included, are cool with gay men being in attendance at a performance for a woman, they may even tease them a bit, but they are uncomfortable stripping intimately for gay men. In some cases it isn’t necessarily that they aren’t cool with dancing for gay men per se, but that if pictures got into the wrong hands, it could have profound consequences for them personally or professionally. Let’s face it, some people simply aren’t as open as others. To each their own. Some performers don’t allow photos during the performance which solves that issue.

Each male stripper’s bio indicates whether they will dance for gay men. One cool stripper at MCMS that I know dances for gay men is Zane. He’s definitely worth taking a look at if you need a male stripper for gay men at your party. But check out all the profiles at If you find one you like, and they will dance for the men at your party, reserve them. You are sure to get an entertaining performance.