Nashville Male Strippers Jesse and RC with Bachelorette

Small Party Strip Show!

Have fewer than seven girls but still want the best strippers in the country to perform at your party? For a limited time we are offering our performers at reduced rates for small parties.

The Details

More Fun For Less

For a limited time our amazing, nationally recognized entertainers can perform their incredible show at your Airbnb or hotel for just $59 per person tips included. That’s less than the cost of a VIP ticket to a Nashville “Brolesque” for top notch, private entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

You will be getting a Maxi performance, a fun-filled show complete with stripping, games and activities that’ll have everyone cheering and having an amazing time. It’s a great way to start off your evening before heading to dinner or Broadway.

Due to the smaller group size, the performance may not go the full hour of a typical large-group Maxi because there are fewer people participating in the activities and games. Rest assured, you are still getting the full choreographed spectacle that will have everyone wound up and excited.

This offer is only valid for parties of 4 to 6 people booked to start at 5pm or earlier. Due to Covid causing the bars to close early, early bookings have become super popular so we recommend you book early. Please select “Maxi” for performance length and Use Code “SPSS” in the comments box to get the special rate.

Celebrate your bride the way she deserves, with professional entertainment from Music City Male Strippers. Request your entertainer now with our no-cost booking form! 

Jesse Is An Amazing Nashville Male Stripper Who Is Lots Of Fun