He’s Fun, Raunchy, and Inflatable…He’s T-Sex!

Bride Squeezing T-Sex

T-Sex Quick Facts

  • Raunchy, Hysterically Funny, Brides Cry Laughing
  • Allows Pictures/Video During Performance? Yes
  • Arrives in Costume, Leaves in Costume (Does Not Strip)
  • Provides Music and Speaker
  • Tip Not Required, But Appreciated
  • Performs for Men? Yes. T-Sex Can Be Male or Androgenous
Want to tease your bride with the fun of a stripper without worrying what the fiance, family or friends might think? Send T-Sex!

T-Sex performs for one song, shaking his moneymaker, gyrating like a hardcore stripper and doing simulated “T-Sex” acts like only a dinosaur with a 10″…….arm can. 😉

He’ll stay for a few pics and then he’s gone, leaving your bride and guests to ask, “WTF just happened!”

Give your bride some ‘D’ in the face…Dinosaur that is…and she’ll never forget it!

SAVE $69 by adding T-Sex when you reserve another one of our amazing Nashville male strippers. Trick the bride with T-Sex then have a real stripper come in for a double whammy of fun!